Time Sharing (Child Custody)

Florida specifically replaced the concepts of “custody” or “visitation” with that of both parents sharing time with their children.  Thus, Florida law uses the term “time-sharing” to describe each parent’s contact with the children.  Another aspect that must be considered is parental responsibility or how parents will make important decisions regarding their child.  Shared parental responsibility, where both parents share in the decisions affecting their child, is the norm.

Where minor children are involved, the most important consideration is the best interests of the children.  Florida requires a Parenting Plan be developed that describes in detail parental responsibility and the time-sharing schedule which specifies the time a child will spend with each parent.  Every Parenting Plan must be approved by the court.  Because a Parenting Plan will affect both parents and their children long after the finalization of their case, thoughtful deliberation is required in developing a Parenting Plan.

Artemis Family Law Group appreciates that time-sharing and parental responsibility are frequently the most important concern for individuals involved in a divorce or paternity action.  We utilize our experience, compassion, and innovative approach in developing a Parenting Plan most suited for a family’s particular circumstances.