About Us: The Artemis Approach

The Artemis Approach

Artemis Family Law Group was founded by Teris Deitsch and Paul Shafranski with the core principles that our goal is to solve our clients’ problems, not make them worse; that each client and their situation is unique; that the law should be understandable to everyone; and that we should be a 21st-century law firm utilizing modern technology and creative methods. We call this The Artemis Approach, and this is what sets us apart from your other options.

Family Law Is Not Fun

We know: Family law is not fun. Being involved in a family law case is usually one of the most stressful times in your life. If you are looking for a family law attorney, chances are things have started falling apart around you. It could be that you are beginning to have nagging doubts about whether it makes sense to stay in your marriage; maybe your spouse is an entirely different person from the one you married; or you have been blindsided by an out-of-nowhere declaration that your spouse wants a divorce. It could be that you and the other parent have broken up and are now thinking, “How are we going to handle time with the kids?” Or you are going to marry someone who you believe is the love of your life, but perhaps need to think about protecting your assets should you be wrong. There are a number of reasons you might be searching for a family law attorney. However, one thing is universal: Love brings couples together, but a million things can pull them apart.

Here are our promises to you.

  • We will treat you and your case individually. Even though there are fixed categories and repeated issues that fall under family law, we understand that for you, this is your life and your future. Thus, we approach each case as unique. Also, we concentrate solely on family law matters.  We believe this focus allows us to provide you competent, professional, and ethical representation to achieve your specific goals.  
  • We approach your family law matter as a series of particularized problems to solve, not an opportunity to inflame things and make matters worse.  Our greatest successes are the cases in which we found a peaceful and efficient resolution, with creative, out-of-the-box thinking, instead of simply resorting to one-size-fits-all litigation tactics that any family law attorney can use.  Our belief is that the lives of our clients are like arrows moving in a new direction.  Thus, our purpose and approach are to use our specialized experience, knowledge, and compassion in guiding you in the best direction for your particular circumstances.  Simply put, we strive to make things better for our clients, not drag them through endless litigation battles unless it is truly unavoidable.   
  • We will do our best to make sure that you understand the rules, statutes, and legal concepts that govern the world of family law.  We are a friendly, relaxed law firm,  so we communicate in the same way.  We will translate “legalese” into clear and comprehensible terms that make sense to you.  The last thing you need to worry about while navigating the complex emotional and financial minefield of family law is to feel like you are learning a new language.  Based on our experiences, we will also inform you of the particular judge’s or county’s views on different issues and how these may affect your case.  We believe that we achieve the best results when clients truly understand the law, their options, their obligations, and the decisions they ultimately end up making.  
  • We will be straightforward and tell you the truth, even when it may be hard to hear.  Going through a family law case can be extremely painful, emotionally and financially, and the court system is bound by the law and essentially incapable of doing much else other than what the law dictates.  Any attorney who leads you to believe otherwise, that you will receive “justice” for past or current wrongs, is probably just telling you what they think you want to hear.  We believe our clients need to understand what their family law journey will realistically look like from the start, even if it means hearing things that are disappointing, seem unfair, or contrary to what you envisioned for yourself.  Otherwise, it can be an incredibly expensive and time-consuming lesson to learn the hard way.  
  • We will strive to make your matter as cost-efficient as possible. We understand the potential need for court intervention and are prepared to zealously protect our clients’ interests through competent and experienced representation in court. However, by treating your case individually, using creative problem-solving to reach resolutions, advising you of all options, and telling you the hard truths, we are actually trying to keep your attorney fees lower by not engaging in unnecessary, contentious, and expensive litigation.  Unlike the typical image of attorneys, wringing your case out for as long, and for as much money, as possible is never our goal.
  • We will use all modern technology available to us to make your matter run smoothly and to make things as convenient for you as possible.  We make ourselves accessible to you, and we can accommodate you whether your preference is by telephone call, Zoom, email, or meeting in person.

We encourage you to explore our website to get a greater sense of who we are and how we can serve you.  We are well-experienced in all family law related matters, including Collaborative family law matters; divorce; time-sharing (custody); distribution of assets and liabilities; alimony; child support; paternity; prenuptial and postnuptial agreements; modifications and enforcement of prior court orders; and domestic violence injunctions. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help you, so when the time is right for you, please contact us or simply click here to schedule a consultation directly from your browser.  Regardless, we wish you all the best in your family law journey. 

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