About Artemis Family Law Group PLLC

Artemis Family Law Group represents individuals in all family law related matters including divorce (contested and uncontested), time-sharing (formerly “custody”), child support, alimony, distribution of assets (including family businesses, investment plans, retirement plans and real property), modification and enforcement of prior court orders, paternity, prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements, and domestic violence injunctions.  The attorneys of Artemis Family Law Group are also trained to handle cases in the Collaborative Law model.

Individuals involved in a family law matter can be viewed as arrows moving forward in a new direction.  Our purpose at Artemis Family Law Group is to use our specialized experience, knowledge, and compassion in guiding you in the best direction for your particular circumstances. Artemis Family Law Group approaches family law matters with a problem-solving philosophy.  Thus, we believe in trying to reach practical resolutions so that the best interests of the family are preserved whenever possible. However, we also understand the potential need for court intervention and are prepared to zealously protect our clients’ interests through competent and experienced representation in court.

Our practice concentrates solely on family law matters.  We believe this specialized focus allows Artemis Family Law Group to provide competent, professional, and ethical representation to achieve each client’s specific goals.