Prenuptial Agreements

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Prenuptial agreements are entered into prior to parties getting married in order to address issues that may arise should the parties later divorce.  Instead of relying completely on what Florida law dictates, in a prenuptial agreement, parties can create their own set of rules in the event of a divorce.  Essentially, prenuptial agreements act as a “blueprint” for how a couple’s divorce will be handled.  Thus, parties may wish to address issues regarding pre-marital funds, businesses, properties, alimony, etc. in a prenuptial agreement.  However, there are also certain issues that cannot be waived in a prenuptial agreement.   Understandably, parties about to enter into a marriage may feel conflicted about negotiating issues for a possible divorce in the future.   Artemis Family Law Group is highly proficient in the complex issues involved in drafting objective, comprehensive, and fair prenuptial agreements.

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