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Once a Final Judgment or other order is entered by the court, there may be situations that arise requiring a modification of that prior court order.  For example, changes in income, relocation to another state with minor children, provisions of a Parenting Plan that are no longer in the best interest of the children, etc.  There are specific standards that must be met in order to modify a prior court order.  Among them, the most important is that a substantial change in circumstances must exist.  There are instances in which differentiating what some individuals feel are a “substantial change” from what a court constitutes as an actual one are necessary.

There are also frequent instances when one party is not following a prior court order, such as failure to pay support, failure to abide by provisions in the Parenting Plan, etc.   In these instances, individuals may seek to enforce their prior court order.

Artemis Family Law Group’s familiarity in handling modifications and enforcements of prior court orders can benefit individuals seeking to bring or defend against these actions.

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