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Going through a divorce is a deeply personal and challenging experience. At Artemis Family Law Group, we understand the emotional and legal complexities that surround this journey. Our goal is to provide you with compassionate guidance and effective legal solutions to help you navigate the divorce process as smoothly as possible.

Divorce, in its most general sense, is the legal dissolution of a marriage. It marks the end of a chapter in your life and the beginning of a new one. During this process, many important decisions need to be made, from dividing assets to determining child time-sharing arrangements. We’re here to provide you with the knowledge and support you need to make informed choices that align with your best interests.

Here are the three types of divorce processes available to you:

Uncontested Divorce

In some cases, both spouses mutually agree that it’s time to part ways, and they can reach an agreement on key issues without the need for prolonged legal battles. Uncontested divorce is a cost-effective and efficient way to dissolve a marriage when cooperation exists. We can assist you in drafting a fair and legally sound agreement, streamlining the process to minimize stress and expenses. This does require a certain level of cooperation from your spouse, however, as certain documents will have to be signed by either both spouses or by your spouse alone.

We can only represent one spouse in a divorce and thus communication with the other spouse is limited. As such, in uncontested divorces you will often be relied upon to communicate with your spouse and provide documents to them to review, approve and sign.

Alternatively, it is possible for both spouses to have their own independent legal counsel for an uncontested divorce, wherein both attorneys communicate with each other directly and work toward crafting a marital settlement agreement that both spouses can agree to sign. Just because another attorney represents your spouse does not automatically mean it cannot be an uncontested divorce anymore.

It is important to note that even if you and your spouse agree on 99 percent of the terms of your divorce, if there is a term that you both simply cannot agree to, after multiple attempts at negotiation and option-building, then the divorce is not uncontested.

Contested Divorce

When disagreements arise, a contested divorce may be necessary. This path often involves negotiations, mediation, or court proceedings to settle disputes related to property division, alimony, child support, and time-sharing. Unfortunately, contested divorces tend to create feedback loops where at first you’re only disagreeing over one issue, but that causes both of you to disagree about everything. Contested divorces can get out of hand fast as you have the least amount of control over the process. Your spouse’s attorney, the judge, and your spouse, will all be able to control the direction the divorce process takes, how long it takes, how likely or unlikely a settlement is, etc. A contested divorce should be viewed as a last resort, only necessary after exhausting all other options to resolve your divorce amicably from the start. How your divorce process starts is usually the best indicator of how your divorce will proceed and conclude.

Collaborative Divorce

For couples who wish to maintain a cooperative and amicable approach to divorce, collaborative divorce offers a constructive alternative. As a leader in collaborative family law, we promote open communication and problem-solving. Through a collaborative approach, we aim to find creative solutions that prioritize the well-being of both spouses and any children involved. For a more detailed discussion of the collaborative divorce process, please click here.

At Artemis Family Law Group, we are dedicated to guiding Central Florida families through the divorce process with care and professionalism. Our team is not only well-versed in the legal aspects but also committed to your emotional well-being.

Whatever path your divorce takes, we are here to support you every step of the way. Please contact our office to learn more about your divorce options. Click here to schedule a consultation at your convenience and learn how we can help you move forward toward a brighter future.

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