Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is a model different from the conventional litigation model in reaching resolution of family law matters.  In the conventional, adversarial, litigation model, many families find themselves battling for years and spending vast amounts of money, only to be left feeling unsatisfied with the end result.  The Collaborative Law model is a process in which individuals place what is best for the entire family above everything else.  Thus, this model involves transparency, honesty, and collaboration.

In a Collaborative Law case, each party has an attorney specifically trained in Collaborative Law.  Other invaluable persons involved in the case include a mental health neutral and financial neutral.  Through a series of meetings, the entire Collaborative “Team” (the parties, their attorneys, and the neutrals) pool their knowledge, expertise, and creativity in developing a resolution that is beneficial to the entire family.  The Collaborative Law model attempts to help families move through difficult and uncertain times with respect and compassion.    As such, the Collaborative Law model synergizes with Artemis Family Law Group’s overall philosophy and approach to all their cases.  The attorneys of Artemis Family Law Group are trained, experienced, and enthusiastically prepared to represent clients in Collaborative Law cases.

For a brief discussion on the collaborative law process, check out Act Three of the This American Life episode, “Break-Up.”