Child Support

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Florida’s policy regarding child support is that both parents should contribute to the support of their minor children.  Calculation of child support is based on several factors, including among other things, each party’s income, the number of overnights each party has with the minor children, cost of the children’s insurance, costs of day care, etc.  Although Florida provides a formula for calculating child support, often, it is not as simple as inputting numbers.  There are other frequent situations that can complicate arriving at the accurate child support figure (for example, a self-employed party, income based on commissions, appropriate deductions, etc.).  The most important part of child support to keep in mind is that it is for the benefit of the parties’ minor children and, thus, parties cannot simply contract child support away.  Ultimately, all child support figures must be approved by the court.  Child support is a significant issue that Artemis Family Law Group can establish for the benefit of the parties’ minor children.

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